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Cast In Aluminum Heaters For Packaging Machinery




The cast in heaters are composed of one or more electrical heating elements embedded in an aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, copper-nickel or iron type material with excellent thermal conductivity.
The gravity casting provides excellent homogeneity of the casting material and therefore allows excellent thermal diffusion. The regularity of the surface temperature is ensured by a suitable forming. The cast heating elements can be used to surface temperatures up to 950 ° C.
Aluminum alloy is the most commonly used material up to a temperature of 400 ° C. For higher temperatures, or because of mechanical stress or specific environmental constraints, it is replaced by alloys of brass, bronze or cast iron.
The cast in heating devices are machined according to drawings taking into account roughness requirements.




Industrial Heater

Cast in heater


High operating temperatures


Liquid cooling or air-cooling fins


Any size or shape customized

Power Wattage

Aluminum 35 watts/sq

Bronze 50 watts/sq

Max Temperature

Aluminum 371 degree celsius

Bronze/copper 700 degree celsius



Bronze or Copper




1. Efficient Heat Transfer.
2. Cast-in heaters can be supplied with cooling tubes & end fitting.
3. Various Heater terminations.
4. Uniform surface temperatures.
5. Also as per your requirements.
6. Max watt density: Aluminum alloy - 35 w/sq in on heater elements.  
Brass alloy - 45 w/sq in on heater elements.
7. Max temp:  Aluminum alloy -  375 °C, Brass alloy - 650 °C



1. Injection and Blow Molding
2. Extruders
3. Molds & Dies
4. Packaging machinery
5. Medical equipments
6. Thermoforming equipment.


Cast Heater

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